Tomato Spiral Stakes

Tomato spiral stakes are used to prevent the tomato plants from sprawling all over the vegetable garden and threatening to take over the flower bed.

Tomato spiral stakes are very popular tomato supports today because they are easy to use and cost less compared with tomato cages. You can stake the tomato plants when young or placed a wire cage over them, and they're growing under control.

Greenline Tomato Stake keeps the vines growing vertically instead of sprawling all over the ground. Plants not only take up less space, but plants are less susceptible to pests and diseases since the fruits are usually off the ground.

How to work with Greenline Tomato Stakes:
Simply hammer the stake into the ground next to the tomato, then use tie wire to bind up the main stems. If plants are bounding out of control, you may need to hammer three stakes around each individual plant and use lots of string, ties or plastic netting.

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