Tomato Spirals:

Tomato Spiral Planter Supplied by Greenline Tomato Cages:

Technical Name: Tomato Spiral Planter

Materials: Galvanized steel wire

Features: Flexible and reliable. Galvanized steel tomato spiral wire offers excellent corrosion resistance while pvc coated spiral wire has good anti-aging property and a long service life. Annealed tomato spirals offer even better flexibility due to its oxygen-free processing.
Packing: Spiral wire can be packed in bundles, then in paper box, then in pallets.
Uses: For support of tomato plants in growing.


Tomato Spiral Sizes:
Described in wire diameter and spiral length:

8mm x 1.8m, 8mm x 1.6m, 8mm x 1.5m

7mm x 1.8m, 7mm x 1.6m, 7mm x 1.5m
6mm x 1.8m, 6mm x 1.6m, 6mm x 1.5m

5.5mm x 1.8m, 5.5mm x 1.6m, 5.5mm x 1.5m



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